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Professional Surveying Services

Survey tool on a tripod.
Man using surveying equipment.
Drawn up survey stock photo

Our Professional Land Surveying Services:

  • Topographic surveying for project development and design

  • Boundary surveying in accordance with Missouri and ALTA/ACSM standards for private and public usage

  • GPS and geodetic control surveys

  • Construction layout and staking for all of the following:

    • Bridge construction

    • Water Line and System Construction

    • Road Construction

    • Building Construction

    • Site Grading and Construction

    • Sanitary Sewer Construction

    • Railroad Construction

    • Storm Sewer Construction

    • Any other type of project construction

Our MODOT LPA Pre-Qualifications:

Koehler Engineering maintains active status on the MODOT On-Call Pre-Qualified Consultants List for Local Public Agency Projects, including:

  • Roadway Design

  • Trails and Sidewalks

  • Construction Inspection

  • Traffic Engineering and TEAP

  • Structures

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